Pelvic Laser Therapy Instrument

Model: PFS2P38RI

Photino Cluster Laser Instrument

Model: LPB32IB - RED & IR

Photino Rectal Laser Device

Model: RLN11IA

Photino Vaginal Laser Device

Model VLR27B13IB

Nasal Laser Therapy Probe

Model: NL2RIA

Ear Laser Therapy Device

Model: ELR2IA

Photino Laser Pad

Model LPA32RIA

Vaginal Laser Probe

Model: VLR27IA
Move on the Edge of Technology

Bringing Together a Modern & Portable
Laser Therapeutic Instrument in your Treatment

About us & our history

Our mission is to design and produce novel high-tech medical equipment. Providing integrated, high quality and portable devices in the field of laser therapy that help clinicians and doctors to move on the best treatment.  

InsightsPrism Co. success to produce a Varity of laser therapeutic instrument for pain relive and would healing, such as Photino Laser Cluster , Vaginal and Rectal laser devices and strong multifunctional laser acupuncture solutions. 

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