Neurofeedback & Biofeedback system

  • 8 channels, 24 bit analog to digital converter
  • Highly precise recording data (1 KS/S)
  • Wireless transferring data
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery, perfectly isolated
  • 2 digital input channels, 2 digital output channels
  • Empowered with GSR, BVP/HR, skin conductance, and temperature sensors
  • Coming with eLife as an accurate and flexible software for data recording and analyzing bio-signals
  • Compatible with many games and videos for Neurofeedback therapy
  • Coming with a novel tool to control some toys by bio-signals in neuro/biofeedback therapies
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 117 x 66 x 20 mm
  • Net weight 138 g

Simultaneously measuring a wide variety of physiological signals

                                                        *Brain waves-EEG/EOG

                                                        *Muscle tension-EMG

                                                        *Heart rate-ECG



                     *GSR-galvanic skin response






Technology: ARM Cortex 32
Processor: 160 MHz
Data Connection: Bluetooth wireless, 1 Mb/s, up to 10 meters


Number of channels: 2/4/8 
ADC resolution: 24 bit 
Linearity error: 7.6 ppm (maximum) 
Sample rate: 1000 samples per second per channel 


Number of channels: 8
Amplifier type: Differential; DC
Gain: 50
Common mode rejection ratios: 75 dB @ 500 Hz
Low cut filter: DC
High cut filter: 500 Hz
Input voltage range: 2.5 V
Maximum analog input voltage: 2.5 V
Input impedance: 1000 g-ohm
Input leakage current: 60 pA (typical)
Input capacitance: 8 p


AUX Channel: Skin conductance, Temperature, BVP/HR
Channels: EMG, EEG, EOG, ECG (8 channels)
Power: Battery (Lithium, 3.7 V), Battery Charger 5 V

New generation of eWave

Enhancing the resolution of analog to digital converter to 24 bit and having the sample rate of 1000 sample/second for all channels give you a highly precise view of the signals in a wide frequency range (0-500 Hz)
Embedding our novel differential amplifier for all channels removes the common mode noise. Also, DC wide-range low-gain amplifier prevents any possible saturation during movement.

Neurofeedback can be helpful for :

Stress & Anxiety & Depression




Attention Deficits (ADD/ADHD)



Migraine & Addiction




Obsession & phobia




  Improving Learning
  Inability to Learn


Improving Focus
Enhancing Memory


Increasing Alertness
Achieving Peak Academic Performance




Getting Better Sleep


Improving Speech and Language



  Reducing Stress& Depression




Neurofeedback is a non invasive technique of a self-regulation in which the current parameter of the electrical brain activities recorded from the subject’s scalp are presented to that subject through game, video, and auditory while she/he tries to reach a more efficient mode of brain functioning.

Neurofeedback is a direct training of brain functionality, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. In this method, the information is back to the person and her/his brain gets a reward for modifying its own activity to more appropriate patterns. This allows us to modulate brain activity.


Beneficial software for Neuro-Biofeedback therapy

eProbe for Research
eProbe lets you record and probe almost all ranges of neuro/electrophysiological signals in the highest quality. You can have online and offline streams. It also has great data analyzing tools that associate you with your research.



eProbe for Clinics
eProbe provides you every needed tool for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback therapy that comes with lots of protocols to overcome the different kinds of problems and compatible with all sensors.


A Beautiful Mind

What Is NeuroFeedBack?
Have you ever seen people who suffer from unwanted behavioral patterns but still refuse to see psychotherapists out of the fear of drugs and side effects?
Have you ever looked for a non-invasive and drug-free way to train the brain and improve your mood, behavior, learning patterns, and physical symptoms?
It is exactly how NeuroFeedBack helps you. NeuroFeedBack provides a safe way for people to improve their brain activity by training their brain waves, decreasing the power or amplitude of undesired frequency bands, and increasing the desired ones.
The therapist provides a corresponding protocol for each client, Neurofeedback is able to give feedback by rewarding in the process of playing a game or watching a movie, demonstrating how the client’s brain waves are functioning.
The brain, which is a self-regulating organ, automatically corrects its function by receiving appropriate feedbacks about behavioral patterns.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone can benefit from NeuroFeedBack therapy. It is like going to a gym that is useful for anyone. It is practical for any age, from children who suffer from learning problems to adults who like to be at their peak performance in their work and also for elders who want to keep their brain capacities well. Neurofeedback can be used to improve attention, cognitive abilities, and emotional management. It is used in the treatment of numerous disorders like depression, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines, and other emotional issues. It can be used for organic brain disorders, such as autism, cerebral palsy, seizures, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. It can also be helpful for people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and conditions like mood swings and PMS.

How Does It Affect the Brain?

Is this like fiction that a person can learn how to regulate his brain waves and promote his functionality? Interestingly, you may have experienced it before, when you first learned how to ride a bicycle! That time, your brain learned how to self-regulate your state of balance during biking, using the feedback that has been received from gravity.

Just as same your eyes that helped your brain learn how to bike, NeuroFeedBack sends feedback to the person about his current brain status when playing games and movies.

It requires no effort from your side, the central nervous system settles to reorganize neural connections to modify the function of those parts.

While you watch a movie or play games, your subconscious brain modifies itself based on the received information during the games or movies.

For clients, it seems like a miracle when they see how symptoms are diminishing in their lives.

It is a power of your brain that is beyond the conscious awareness process.

Impressively, this method has been scientifically and empirically proven to be effective and has been increasingly practiced by specially-trained psychotherapists.

How Does It Work?

The therapist provides a proper protocol for you according to your problem. He puts the sensors on a specific location of your scalp to record the electrical activity (known as EEG) of those particular parts of your brain.

You sit in front of a monitor and just watch a movie or play a game with your brain.