Software(eProbe,eBridge )

Powerful and Accurate software for recording and analyzing a variety class of electrophysiology signals

eProbe for Research
eProbe lets you record and probe almost all ranges of neuro/electrophysiological signals in the highest quality. You can have online and offline streams. It also has great data analyzing tools that associate you with your research.



eProbe for Clinics
eProbe provides you every needed tool for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback therapy that comes with lots of protocols to overcome the different kinds of problems and compatible with all sensors.


""The best software for Neuro-Biofeedback therapy""

Online FFT Power of a different frequency band

After recording, you may need to see the whole data and analyze them.
eProbe provides you with a scope and a text panel to show the raw signal also its FFT power in your desired bands.
You can select one or multiple bands and see their corresponding quantities in the text panel.
By default, this panel shows the latest file that you have already recorded. However, you can change the analyzing file and other properties in the setting table.

Playing Video, Movie, or Game

The Game components enable clients to play video, music, movie, flash, or game.

It plays based on the client’s brain waves reflected on bar panels and according to the adjustments that you have specified.

Using this component, you can choose your desired game or movie. You also can modify the logic or rules of the game set to overcome the specific mental disease.

The Colored FFT with a Threshold 

The Bar element calculates the square of the FFT power of the band that you have selected.

It also shows whether this value is less or more than your desired threshold, considering as a logic for the game panel. This logic is used in the game-panel as a command or rule that determines how the game should play. You can see both values of the FFT power, and the threshold in the Bar panel.