Laser therapy for knee pain works by stimulating blood circulation to the knee to reduce inflammation. The increased blood flow also brings relief by warming knee joints that may have been stiffened by cold. Irradiation further helps strengthen the tissues around the knee to improve support for the knee joint.

3D vibration technology and laser irradiation applied, through dimensional massage and direct irradiation to knee joint, to improve the blood supply to the knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, strengthen the soft tissue to fix, support and protect the knee joint. This device has two distinct massage features. Vibration massage works to stimulate soft tissue cells around the knee. Conversely, the electric pulse massage involves relaxing fluid motions likened to ancient Chinese massage techniques.


The Raycome Knee Care Laser Device is a compact wearable device that is designed to emit low-level laser irradiation of 650nm. However, the power settings can be adjusted to suit different patients’ needs. This device is easy to use and can be used by people at home. This treatment is non-invasive, and no adverse side effects have been reported.

Technical Specifications

Laser Type

GaAlAs Semiconductor Laser diode

Number of Lasers

6 laser diodes and 12 LEDs, output power of 5 mW each

Laser wavelength

650 nm

Operating Mode

4 operating modes, with adjustable output power intensity

Treatment Time

Adjustable between 3-12 minutes

Power Supply

6V DC, 2A


Osteoarthritis of the knee or diseases of the knee

Knee soft tissue injuries and sports injuries

Circulatory problems in the lower extremities

Suitable for people with knee prostheses or varicose veins

Knee fatigue and muscle cramps



Clinical and home use


including massager


Several Operational Modes

No side effects

Lightweight and easy to use