TMS Navigation System

TMS Navigation System

                                            Dual display to monitor planning and stimulation
                                            NDI high-resolution camera: precision up to 0.25mm
                                            MRI and fMRI overlays to guide coil localization and
                                            pulse targeting
                                            Save and export data easily

                                                     Application Field:     
                                          Research: cognitive neuroscience, perceptual
                                          attention, language, aging, and more; 
                                          Clinical and basic science applications: neurology, 
                                          psychiatry , rehabilitation, pediatrics, and more. 

Robotic Tracking Arm

Robot arm-Tracking head movement automatically

Tracking head movement automatically

The robotic arm can place the coil on the stimulation target automatically;
the coil will track the head movement and stimulate intelligently.

Intelligent image processing

The system supports MRI with intelligent segmentation and fusion. 3D
reconstruction enables easy localization of stimulation target.|

Localization reproducibility

Stimulation location and angle are saved automatically, to achieve precise
and consistent stimulation across sessions.

Robotic arm with six-degrees of freedom

The flexible actuator and multiple degrees of freedom enable to stimulate
the whole brain area